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Website Crawler Projekt

Launched in September 2017.

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Website Crawler is a small program I have built, that scans a website looking for its links, which get also scanned until a full collection of that website's links is established and displayed. Useful when you are looking for individual elements of a webpage without having to go through the pages. For example you might be looking just for the images of the website and this program is able to fetch most of them, as the quality of results is based on the website. However there are going to be improvements in the algorithm for better and faster scanning.

Download Website-CrawlerWe offer two versions for the program, the .exe version which is easy to use and supported only on Windows and the .jar version which is in raw Java, and cannot be executed independedly. To run the .jar file you need to open your Command Line and type:  java -jar WebsiteCrawler.jar . Both of these files below require Java to run.

NameVersionSizeDate when uploadedActionSuppo…

NetChat Project

Launched in 26th August 2017.

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NetChat is a powerful web chatting software written in Java for the client side, and in PHP and MySQL in the server side, because of the limitations that exist in free hosting.
Table of contentsChoose what you are looking for to get started:
DescriptionScreenshotsDownloadsDescriptionThe primary idea of NetChat is to exchange messages between the users, just like WhatsApp or Messenger. You create an account, log in and text any other NetChat user you want, simple as that. You can also personalize NetChat using the colors and fonts you feel most comfortable with. Even in poor internet connection the App will still work. As our next step, we see jumping into mobile development, by creating the NetChat App for Android and iOS, which would be a great breakthrough for this project.
It is totally free to use and we'll make sure it always stays that way. Also want to mention that the data that gets exchanged via this Applications will be encoded to pr…

Snake Game Project

Launched in August 2017.

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Snake is the common name for a videogame concept where the player maneuvers a line which grows in length, with the line itself being a primary obstacle.

Written in pure JavaScript.

Use the arrow keys to control the snake and P for pause.

Important Update: This game was successfully added to the Facebook app center and is accessible to all users. Click here to play this on facebook.

EscapE Game Project

Launched in 2015.

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Written in pure Java.

EscapE is a survival game where the player has to prevent touching deadly enemies for as long as you can. Try to break the records and reach legendary high-scores.

Here is a live preview of the player fighting an epic battle against the two enemies. This could be you.

Press the W, A, S, D keys to move around. Press O for slow-motion and P for pause.

Please share with your friends if you like. Press the download button. Enjoy :)

PHP Mailer

Launched in September 2016.

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PHP Mailer is a simple project written in the PHP back end programming language that allows you to send emails to anybody using any existing or non existing email address you want.

Note: This is a great feature and therefore it can be misused or overused. Please note that every email you send will be stored in the database so if you are thinking of doing harm to any web user than your ip will be banned for one hole year and you won't be able to access this website any longer.
Note: As this website is hosted without any charge, the provider allows us just to send 50 emails daily and therefore the number of emails you can send daily is limited and depends on the number of requests(sent mails) of other users.
Here is an example of me receiving an email sent from PHP Mailer:

Use this tool wisely and you will notice the importance of it in real life. If you do like it please share with your friends or other people which might find it useful. Enjoy :)

My Private Blog Project

Launched in June 2017.

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Back end written in PHP, MySQL. Front end written in JavaScript, HTML, CSS. No external libraries were used.
MyPrivateBlog is a web platform that enables its users to keep their thoughts, notes, wishes, diary posts, essays, important links from the web, blog posts, unfinished articles etc... in a safe place, accessible from any device with an internet connection at any given moment.

With Privacy becoming more and more important in the internet, we use the latest algorithms and the newest technologies to keep your data secure and hide it from spying eyes.

You have the control over your posts. You can make new ones, customize and edit the exiting ones, delete the ones you don't line or the ones which you don't want to see in your timeline, you can star important ones and you can pin certain posts to the top of your timeline.

Although MyPrivateBlog may seem as a fully established website, we disagree to that as we think you cannot put an end to a pro…

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2018!

I wish everybody reading this a happy new year full of surprises, adventures, love, health and wealth.May God guide you on your way through your life in 2018.