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Made with pure JavaScript, HTML and CSS. No external libraries used. Not mobile-friendly yet. is a light weight web framework that can be used to draw mathematical functions on screen real time, allowing the user to understand and experiment with the behaviour of different functions in 2D space.

It is fast, reliable and easy to use. If you have found it hard to use, scroll down this page and you find the section on how to use this web application.

How it works

The way this works is simple and easy to explain, even though the entire project might look like a giant hard-to-make software program.
Everything begins with the converting of functions from user input into JavaScript legit functions using the Function(); Object.
All the functions are added in a huge array of functions that are all going to be drawn at the same time in the canvas.
Then another part of the program converts the values entered and received from the user-defined functions into canvas (x,y) coordinates.
The drawing gets the canvas x-coordinates from left to right and converts them into their corresponding numerical values, which are entered in the user functions and then the output canvas-y coordinates of them, in connection with the x-coordinates are used to draw the graph points on the canvas, which then are connected to which other with the Canvas stroke() method for drawing lines.

Usage and Documentation

The main control points of this web application are the four buttons listed one next to the other.

  • Add adds every time one more function form to the list of functions below the list of these buttons.
  • Draw, like the name says, it draws the functions on screen.
  • Help displays a list of the built-in functions(explained) you can use when declaring your functions.

  • Share button shares your drawing. You just copy the link and can place it anywhere you want even embed it to your own website.
You can find a description of this project in my portfolio as well: >>Here



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